Monday, March 17, 2008

The First Drive Home - Day 3

The day started out with a hangover from the rum the night before and a quick retreat out of Eureka, but not before stopping at the only Starbucks in town.
Note to self, always be wary of a one Starbucks town.

We missed most of the Redwoods the night before so the next lovely thing we would get to see would be the Oregon Coast, which I had never been to before. Our first glimpse of the beach was breathtaking and intense and gloomy and gray and beautiful. Everything I thought it would be.

The first place we stopped was a beach that had black sand. We took pictures from the top, but seeing as we can't leave well enough alone and must climb down and around and up everything we come across, we took the hike down to the beach. I loved the fact that our footsteps were the only ones there...

As you can see, the sky was very gray. It made it very hard for me with my little iPhone to take any good pictures, but I'm sure my friend got some really great shots which I hope to be able to share with everyone soon.

We even got in a little rock climbing!

Ok, so it was more out of necessity to get back to the freeway, but still those rocks were high!

We came into a city named Whaleshead, and a bumpy ride down a very steep and potholed filled road showed us why. After taking the path down and walking through stream run off and beautiful beachwood we were blessed with a view of the rock they call Whales Head (the one in the center, just in case you still have no idea what I'm talking about)

It became dark and we decided to head over to I-5. After a stop in Eugene to get some food at House Of Chen (sooo good) and a stop at a rest area around 1am for a power nap, we finally made it to Bellevue around 2:30 am. It was a long drive, filled with good times, great stories, being silly, Monster Elk, I'm Ron Burgundy?, and a really good friend. I wouldn't have traded it for the world and I'm glad I was able to experience it.

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