Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July

I purchased a new camera today! It was completely an impulse purchase, but I walked into a camera shop on the 4th to just look around and saw it in the clearance section. I looked at it, played with it and realized that it had everything I needed. I figured I would come back when I got paid next and if it was still there, I would get it. We walked back to the car, sat there for a minute and I realized that I've been wanting a camera for the longest time and there was no way I was going to be able to spend the $350 on the camera I had been looking at. We walked back in and $75 later I had a new toy!

I headed home to get ready for the night of the 4th, and while I was waiting to be picked up I started playing around with the macro option on my camera. Since my apartment is pretty bare, I took pictures of the only thing I had in the apartment that had texture to it; a fake plant that had been handed down to me because no one else in the family would take it. It's sitting in a wicker planter and I just got down on the floor and used it to stabilize my shot. After a few tries and playing around with the settings I ended up with pretty nice shot.

I like this one a lot, it's pretty fun to be able to catch the detail and texture of things. I think that was one of the reasons I wanted a camera. To take a shot of something that looks one way, but when you actually see the entire subject you get this feeling of "that's what it really was?" Almost like creating beauty out of what one would see as ugly.

I didn't bring my camera up to take pictures of the fireworks, I love fireworks so much that I just wanted to experience them through my eyes instead of the viewfinder. However, I was lucky enough to have someone else there to take some beautiful shots from my vantage point on a rooftop in West Seattle. We were able to see two different fireworks shows, which just blew my mind and was so amazing to see my first 4th of july back in Seattle. I felt really blessed and lucky to be spending the holiday with good friends and in such a perfect location. Please check out the photos here.

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