Saturday, August 09, 2008


I realized as I laid my head down to my pillow last night that since I've moved into my apartment I haven't spent one weekend here. In fact, I haven't spent much time here at all and my home reflects that. I have nothing unpacked, my walls are white and empty and my room is a wasteland of clothes that is strewn about. I have basically been living out of a duffle bag and that I only unpack to wash the clothes. Although I moved to Seattle 6 months ago, I haven't made it my home. I was gently pushed this week to this realization and to the fact that I need to move forward.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm afraid of letting go. It's never been my strong suit and a majority of the time it takes some sort of huge event for me to actually do it, and even then I still linger. I decided this weekend to immerse myself into my neighborhood and continue doing what I've done this week; wander about, take it all in and not dwell in what should have been, but appreciate what is.

I was sitting on my couch looking at the big white fluffy clouds in the blue sky and I wondered what the rest of the city looked like. My friend Casey's building has an open roof that looks out over the city so I headed up to his work to grab his keys from him. On my way I spotted this flyer on the ground. The fall leaves gathered around each edge, almost like nature was trying to make the litter look beautiful.

The minute I walked in Casey handed this little guy to me. I guess someone had left him in their tip jar...creepy, but also a fun test of my macro'ing skills (or lack there of). I played around with different angles, all the while taking up the counter where they hand off the drinks to customers. Luckily this is an artistic type of neighborhood and they were very tolerant of me being an obstacle to their daily coffee fix.

I spent quite some time in the coffee shop and my formerly blue skies have now turned to dark and stormy. I knew it could rain at any second, but I had my hoodie on so I risked it. Just as I reached his place, I noticed that one of my favorite views in the city had been altered. The first couple months of living in Seattle were really hard on me and things were not going well. I would come over to the city and sit here next to Casey's building in this parking spot that looked straight towards the Space Needle. I don't know why I love it here so much, but sitting here would always put me in a better mood. The lot had been empty for quite sometime, but just like the rest of the Hill, it has now become a set of new condo's, forever altering a space that I found comfort in. Strangely enough, I almost welcome it.

Oh photoshop, how you have seduced me! I didn't take any great pictures at all up on the roof and the rain started to get worse so I decided to head home. On the way down I saw my favorite flowers, Gerber daisies, sitting on a window sill. I really wanted to bring out the colors of the flowers so I played around a bit in photoshop and came up with the following result. I'm sure some will critique it, but it's my first attempt, so F it. I really wanted something to capture my mood this weekend, and I think this sums it up pretty well.

As an homage to my homie and our weekends together, I picked up a little something to pay tribute. I sang "pinky in the cluuuub" and enjoyed a shot as a toast to my new friend...

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