Monday, August 11, 2008

Revisiting Fidalgo Island

Since I couched it all weekend and didn't do any hiking (or physical activity) this weekend, I figured it might be a good time to do some catch up on some trips I haven't posted about.

Last weekend I was invitied to go hang out at Deception Pass. I hadn't been there in years and was excited about the prospect of taking some shots of the bridge, as the day was really clear, and also revisit one of my favorite spots there; Mt. Erie.

For a warm Saturday the beaches around the bridge were relatively empty. There was a wedding being set up and there were well dressed girls getting their heels stuck in the sand. Spotting our party, we hung out for a bit taking in the sun and catching up. The sky was incredibly blue and it was fun watching the boats try to make it under the bridge with the current testing them every step of the way.

There are many trails in Deception Park. We did a quick one with the family, then headed off on our own after they took off. The problem with the trails there are that they are heavily used, very flat and although at times you are graced with views of the water and bridge, they aren't too exciting and you almost get a "been there, done that" kind of feeling. It reminded me of Griffith Park in LA. The hikes there are beautiful, and the views of downtown are amazing, but it still feels manufactured; like the Disneyland of nature.

Spying a beach on the north side of the bridge, we decided to head over and check it out. Taking the road to Bowman Bay, we discovered a cool trail leading towards an island. Called the Lighthouse Point Trail, it took me to a place I'd never seen in all my times exploring Deception Pass. I highly recommend it. We only saw 2 other couples on the trail, but it seemed to be very well used. Every turn was another breathtaking view of the cliffs and islands that make this area so beautiful.

Trying to keep the sun, we left the bay and headed over to Mt. Erie. Feeling much better on this trip than the last, I was able scramble up rocks and peaks that I hadn't been able to do on my last trip up here. To be honest, I had my trepidations about heading up to the mountain. I came here when I first moved back to Seattle and it was the last trip with my now ex-boyfriend, so I had some memories to work through and some emotions hit me pretty hard on the way there. I kept it in pretty well, but I think it lead to my depression over the last week. In the end, I'm glad I did it.

I caught a view of this cliff from the ledge and couldn't stop staring at it. There are lily pads all along the shore and the sun was starting to set so the cliff had turned a beautiful orange hue and I imagined diving from the top into the deep blue water.

I'm not sure how to finish this post. Part of me wants to wax poetically on what is, what could be, blah blah blah. In the end, I guess it's best to say the day was beautiful, the company was comforting and I enjoyed exploring places that in my many times being up here I had never seen.

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Panda said...

Great pano. Looks like you've been working with your shadows and highlights. Im glad you remembered something. :)