Sunday, August 24, 2008


After a day of sleep and the normalcy of a work day, I was feeling better and decided to give it another go with my old friend who was in town. For some reason they wanted to go to a laser show and, seeing as I hadn't been to one in the longest time, I was game.

We had some time to kill so we headed over to Ivars for some chowder. After dinner we wandered down the waterfront, and as the sun was setting I was regretting not bringing my camera. My iPhone can't take sharp pictures and most tend to be a bit blurry. Still, it was all I had so when I saw this birdie flying through the sunset I just couldn't resist.

I do like this little guy though. He was outside of the aquarium and I wanted to unbolt him and put him in my living room!

We caught a cab up to the needle just after I took this photo. Obviously I still had someone on my mind...

We bought the tickets for Laser Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" and walked around the science center until the show started at 9:15. I wanted to get the needle at night and I was in luck as the fountain was still going and if you look close, you can actually see Jupiter in the sky. 
The laser show was fun and was exactly like I remembered it from when I was younger. I'm glad today went a little better...It's a long way from ok, but time always heals all wounds. I hope my friend enjoyed Seattle and comes back soon.

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macro supergirl :) said...

Hi there!

I like your lake pics... the sky looks really cool and has a nice, calm kind of feel to them.

Oh, and I totally feel your pain on the huckleberry shot... I tried to get one the other day with no luck. (stupid shaky camera - grr!)