Monday, September 22, 2008

I Sold Out

Remember kids, blogging while drinking leads to nonsensical ramblings. Need proof? Please see my last post.

In any case, I eluded to it in my last post but will outright say it now: I bought a new camera. Craigslist was my friend and luckily I was able to stay under $320 for my very first SLR. I was pretty proud of myself, but nervous for what I realized was about to be a big investment of not only money but also time, energy and patience to learn a new camera.


Luckily I have had a good teacher and after getting over my initial fright, I've started to get the hang of it. All the pictures in this post are my very first tries, and thus not exactly the best. Not that I was the best photographer in the world, but honesty I was so excited to actually figure out how to use the thing that I was proud of every single shot I took.

ghost puppy

I didn't plan on wandering around tonight after work, but the sky was so beautiful that I sat out on my porch watching the colors change. Before I knew it I was a block away, then two, then I found myself standing on the corner on Broadway. I passed a neighborhood garden and practiced on my faithful flowers before taking some night shots of the street.


I have no idea how the smoky effect got in this picture, but I love it.

laundry night

I headed back to my house as I had been in the middle of doing laundry and didn't want it to sit, but I wasn't actually gone as long as I thought I had been and my clothes weren't dry yet so I practiced on the washer I was leaning against. It's fun playing with the aperture.

I am the master

The season premier of Heroes is on now, so I must go.

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