Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yup...it's still 3 days till the weekend

a beautiful night

The rain over the last couple days has cleaned the air and the cold is starting to make it's way to the area. It's officially fall and you can feel it in the air. The sun may be shining, but people are still bundled in fleece and scarves. From my street I could see the Olympics perfectly as the sun set behind them. The air so crisp that the lights of the Space Needle were crystal clear. It's a touristy shot, I know, but it inspired me to head out tonight.

I walked up to get coffee and sit with Casey to hear about his first days of school. It's nice to know people still in college, they are always up on current events and ready to debate politics, religion...rocks. I bid him farewell after his 10 minute break was over and proceeded to wander the streets, looking for something pretty.

old faithful

When in doubt, shoot a flower. I started framing this the way I typically do with my point and shoot, which is straight on, but I decided to try something different and took it from another angle. Success! I really like it and it shows me that if I just spend a little time on something I can make it look the way I saw it in my mind.


Oh 8 megapixels how I love thee! I went down a residential street and almost walked into this guy. When I sat down my tri-pod to set up I noticed he had friends...lots of them. There were about 7 large spiders hanging out on this bush. I was wishing that I had a macro lens, and knew a certain friend of mine would have loved this little guy and probably would have made it so you could see the little hairs on his legs. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how much you like piders, with a little bit of cropping I was able to get only this far on him without compromising the shot.


15th was pretty full of people tonight and no one was nice enough to stop while I was taking this picture, which is strange because most of the time I've had pretty good luck with people respecting the shot. I sat for a while on the corner of Harrison and 15th waiting for there to be no one in the way. I looked silly. I didn't mind.


I was starting to get sleepy, but I really wanted to check out this fire station I saw the other night while dropping off my friend Justin at his new house in the Central District. I was surprised when I drove through the neighborhood as the area has become really gentrified. It's still a bit scary, but only a few short years ago I wouldn't have dared to stand at 23rd and Jackson at night. I am enamored with this station and I vow to return to it as I'm extremely unhappy with the way my shots came out. Perhaps an assignment? hmmmm? Gotta, gotta bit of an assignment hmmmmmMMMMM??

Well, random quotes suggest it's time for me to go to bed. Who knows what Wednesday will bring.

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