Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Feels More Like It

Today I remembered what it was like to be home. Everything seemed exactly as it had been before I left. The rain started early and I awoke to it showering the window sill. I laid in bed until noon watching episodes of 30 Rock before I decided to actually get up and greet the world.

I drove to North Everett today to purchase something that I figured I would never be serious enough to actually buy. A strange feeling came over me when I realized I was actually afraid to drive in the weather. Accidents surrounded me, every few miles I saw crashes, cop cars, near misses. I tried to drive slow and kept a soothing sound in my headphones as I took my time reaching my destination.

My journey began at 2 and didn't end until 6 pm, when I finally pulled up to my street, walked exhausted up to my apartment and poured myself onto my couch. Earlier that day my friend asked if I wanted to see a comedy show later that evening and I knew I only had a couple hours to rest before meeting him.

I grabbed Casey from his house after he was off work and we headed down to the Moore Theater to meet our friend Justin. These two were my partners in crime before I left. I spent every weekend with one or both of them. We would spend hours talking in bars, playing music on their patio, watching shows from the balcony of the theaters. Being back at the Moore with these two guys was like old times, and as we watched everyone leave and wandered through the empty seats as the lights slowly went out, I remembered how lucky I was to have been able to explore this theater along with the Paramount in ways that the normal public can't. I've seen countless shows from all angles of both venues, watched from the side of the stage, spent time in the green rooms, seen the pool below the Moore, and listened to Casey play the grand piano before the venue even opened for the day.

I'm grateful to be home and today I really felt a connection to the girl that I left behind here 5 years ago. I also believe that I've come up with my next assignment and hope that this week I will be able to accomplish it. I'm waiting for the sky to clear a little.

So if anyone would like to join me, the next topic is architecture, inspired by The Fountainhead (my favorite book that I have read more times than I can count on my hands). Off limits: EMP, Space Needle, The Convention Center, and I'm still out on the Smith Tower but the library is fair game.

And with a fond farewell I leave you with a picture of my camera that started all of this, taken with my next step in what I hope will be a fun learning process.

my first picture

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