Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cold? I Don't Got No Stinking Cold!

It started with the tired.
I was so tired.
I thought it was the change in weather.
I then had sore eyes.
I thought I was getting old and needed glasses.
I mentioned it to panda, and panda say "you sick, doo".
I say..daaaaaam.

froggy enjoying the fall

I love froggy and froggy always makes me feel happy.
I took this picture on my lunch.
I want to sleep now and fight off cold!

froggy pumpkin shoppin

I take froggy to pumpkin patch at Albertsons.

albie's crow

I think the crow lost his way.

Bored now. sleeeep.

Does beer cure colds?


Ninja-Motorhome! said...

radioactive sludgy that smiles at me. sinister.

stacy marie said...

froggy will haunt your dreams...