Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lost Lake / Mirror Lake / Cottonwood Lake / lakena

I attempted Sunday, but with no flash card. I took half a day on Monday and with flash card the Lost Lakes have been found...now with proof!

New lens in new camera bag I embarked on a journey with a panda and ended up with some pretty interesting pictures and a lesson in photography that I had been craving since I started up this little hobby...so thank you.

Lesson #1: Macro at will must be at least 3 feet from subject.


I gave up and switched lenses to grab this little mushroom. On Sunday there was a family at the trailhead taking pictures of the gigantic mushrooms they had found on the trail so the adventure on Monday was almost a search for said mushrooms.

alice's mushroom

Lesson #2: Take multiple shots when at 300 mm as the camera is wobbly...or use a tripod. 

Didn't see any of the gigantic mushrooms, but I did use my new lens for this one. The focal point ended up being the leaves so the mushroom looked a bit out of focus. I played with the black and white and tried to darken the leaves so the mushroom really stood out. I'm hoping my hiking partner will post his picture of this little guy so I can see the different perspective.

fall hairy trees

The one good thing about clear cutting is the massive amounts of huckleberry bushes that grow in the meadows between the new growth trees. I added the border to this picture to add to the film look that I think this shot took on. It reminds me of a print I would by at an antique store with the heads of dead animals hanging from the walls.

grave of the dead dear

I made it a point not to shoot the lakes. There were so many, but the great thing about this trail was that there was more than just the lakes to look at. The hike started a bit later in the day so the sun was cutting through the trees making everything glow. I took quite a few pictures of shadows and the fall leaves being lit up by the late afternoon sun.

yellow leaf

Lesson #3: It's all about perspective.

I took many shots of these trees that dotted the trail, but in the end the one I liked was this inverted picture.

me and my shadow

I heart shadows.

mirror lake falls

Lesson #4: When shooting waterfalls, don't be afraid of direct sunlight. Filters are your friend.

I didn't want to shoot this because I thought it would end up over exposed, but with a ND and a polarizing filter on I was able to shoot a 1.6 second exposure leading to a nice fogging of the water. I actually had to lighten up the background.

three coins in the fountain

A walk down Windy Pass led to Twilight Lake and random abandoned logging roads. The lake was all flagged off and there was a for sale sign on the border. These trees take on a shine when the sun hits them and then the color of the shine changes with the rising and setting sun making the whole valley glow with whatever color the sun happens to be.

cottonwood lake peak

Touristy shot, but this was the first I took with my new lens so it's a nostalgic one for me.

Good day off, I think. I want to go back when it snows.

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