Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Weekend and FTSK

Let's see if I can sum up my weekend for you, my dear readers:

Friday night: Dave Attell from the segregated balcony, Bill's pizza, then drunken scrabble at an art bar next to Barca with a side of Dick's and ending with a long conversation over Stella.

mid bird

Saturday: Sleeping in till 12:30, interview with Forever The Sickest Kids on their tour bus, wondering if Hot Topic threw up on the kids in line to see them (when did neon come back?), an awkward girl moment followed by 3 hours of Robot Chicken enhanced by Monarch and then the inevitable Nachos Bell Grande with a black and white bear.

ftsk paying attention

Since when did kids start using "the sex" as an adjective?

the sex

am I getting to old for this shite?

forever the sickest kids

Sunday: IHOP, a new lens, an opportunity to use said lens coupled with a missing flash card turned out to be a lovely hike with no pictures. Guess those lakes will stay lost. Chinese food with family and a beer to end off the night.

It was a damn fine weekend.

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Anonymous said...

your weekend is sex!