Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Night Shooting

Had the urge, and since it's getting dark so early I didn't have to wait that long after I got home. Funny thing is lately that I've had shots in my head, but when I go to take them I can't get what I was picturing. I get frustrated, I come home, I sit on my couch grumpy. I say things like hmpf, and grrr, and argh, and pssssht and ugh. I drink my gin and fall asleep watching How I Met Your Mother, aka: the Neil Patrick Harris show.

night fall

This is a perfect example. I had an idea of capturing the fall colors but at night, and I lucked out with a clear sky so there were stars out, but it's all wrong. The building in the middle is washing out the center and the sharpness is just not there, and I don't know why or how to make it better. I know I'm learning but sometimes I feel really lost and don't understand what I'm doing.


This I went back to take after an attempt that didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I literally took this picture next to a pile of poop which I was pretty sure was not from an animal. I think the picture turned out like poop so it's fitting.

Ok, enough self deprecating BS (edited because apparently my little cousins read my blog so it's nothing by abbreviations,Oh Golly's and poop from here on out).


Opening up my mailbox I discovered my absentee ballot. I raced upstairs with it and proceeded to lay on my floor and pour over the voter pamphlet so I knew I was making an informed decision with each little dot I filled in with my light up Nokia pen. I like this way of voting and it feels more personal and protected doing it at home, although I do wish it included the "I Voted" sticker. Maybe I'll steal one on election day, just like the election was stolen from the people in 2004! OH! ZING! ...sigh.

This post may not be any indication, but I am actually in a happier mood. The depression is lifting and I'm smiling a lot more now a days. There's hope for me yet, I tell ya!

Speaking of elections, an assignment was suggested to me and I'm taking on the challenge. I hope to have a full post tomorrow. Hopefully I won't get so fed up in post processing that I throw my camera out the window.


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