Monday, October 13, 2008

The Peninsula - Bainbridge Island / Port Gamble / Port Townsend / Port Whatever

I had meant to go to Eastern Washington this weekend, but bailed out on the idea when faced with a cold car and the beer guzzling frat boy party that is Oktoberfest in Leavenworth. I opted to stayed in bed until I was lured out by a double tall dry cappuccino, brought to my door by my good friend Casey who refused to let me be in my pj's all day.

ferry boat

After brunch I was posed with the question "what are you going to do today". It was suggested that I take a ferry ride, I said "um, OK!" and I headed down to the docks only to find myself, and for some strange reason my car, on the boat.

ferry visions

I think I enjoyed the ferry ride more than the entire trip. I ended up taking most of my pictures on the boat...well, the ones that came out anyway.

reflected smith

I had never driven on Bainbridge so I wandered around a little bit and with the help of my GPS I found a nature preserve, that was closed. Damn. I kept driving and found myself in Port Gamble, which I was only going to take a few pictures of a sign that said "Gamble Road' for my friend Amy Gamble, but the town was stupidly quaint, so I stayed around for a bit.

Port Gamble

There was an old logging wharf below the museum in town and there was the old ferry dock and other old piers that were blocked off with "hard hat only" signs everywhere. The gate was open but I just couldn't bring myself to walk down to take some pictures. Am I really losing my adventurous spirit?

I didn't plan on going all the way to Port Townsend, but there was a sign saying it was only 20 miles away so I said fuck it and drove towards it. It was just like I remembered it. I had a dinner of salmon and penne in cream sauce that hit me on the way home (and didn't help that there was bridge traffic), but it was really good going down.

he pooped

The sun was setting and I took some long exposure pictures of the docks, but when I got home I noticed the number one reason that I will never become a professional photographer; I always forget to clean my lens. Oh well. This little guy sat there for a while, pooping all over the railing. I had a homeless lady in pink following me out to the pier but one sharp look at her over my shoulder made her shrink back to land. I waked into the local wine shop where the girl behind the counter had pink dreads and looked down on me because I wanted a local wine under $10. I was kinda glad to leave. Weird town, but I guess I would be strange to on the off season. Strangely enough, as much as I wanted to leave I also want to go back and stay for a little while. Don't know why.

Trying for a hike tomorrow. Let's see if I can make it after breakfast and mimosas.

no more days left, it's upon me...ugh.

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Anonymous said...

ahhhh Port Townsend. I long to get shithouse drunk in this town.....and I cant really say why....i dont actually like it there.