Monday, November 17, 2008

Broke And No Liquor


Guess I'll have to supplement my wine addiction for posting and catching up on missed shows via crappy streaming video. Top Chef, check...Grey's, check...The Neil Patrick Harris show (oh, I mean How I Met Your Mother), check...I'm learning what I think is Japanese via I can now recognize the character for no.

so fast

This caught my eye while I was out walking tonight. I climbed up onto a ramp leading into an abandoned building and waited for a car to pass by. I felt like a little kid with a snowball in my hand waiting to pelt it at an oncoming car and then run and hide.

What, am I the only one that did that as a child?


What I find interesting while walking the streets of my neighborhood is how safe I actually feel. I have a large camera in my hand mounted to a tripod and I'm just walking past homeless people down dark alley ways and deserted parks. I don't even look behind me while setting up a shot, I just trust that I won't be hurt. It's funny because I would have never felt that way in the city before I lived in Los Angeles. I know it's a false sense of security, but I feel like if it's my time then I can't do anything to stop it. Everyday should be a good day to die.


I've been fascinated with photo booths lately. I'm not the biggest fan of this photo technically, but I'm glad I now know why. There is no way to draw the eye through the shot. It becomes stuck, there is no flow. Then again, maybe that's what I like about it. You are sucked in and there is no way out. 

I did a big loop around the hill, taking Pike down then the big Denny hill up. I've been a lazy ass lately. Haven't hiked in who knows how long, hardly move from the couch, don't walk in the city any more. I take the elevator up three floors to my office. I figured the hill would do me some good and boy did it ever. I was huffing by the time I got to my house. Time to start running again.

Man, I hate running


Anonymous said...

ahh Broadway.
the phone booth is a great shot. Its dead tech.

stacy marie said...

I love them...I'd still use them if I wasn't worry about contracting the plague.