Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A couple more...

I'm finally starting to get my voice back.

I credit a black and white bear, massive amounts of Gears 2 (shooting things always helps), and a strong will. Life is starting to get back to normal, Mom is in a safe and healthy place and after spending some money I should have all her affairs in order which will help her get better. I miss her, I wish she had talked to me before all this and I don't know where it will go from here but family is family. One day at a time is the best for now and I'm hoping that my hobby will keep me busy so that I won't dwell. Honestly, I don't know if I could have done all this without my best friend helping me along the way...words can't even express how grateful I am. 

Speaking of my hobby, I played around with a couple pictures I took on Monday at Gibson.

blown out

Strangely enough, I actually like the blown out center. I guess sometimes a no no in photography can actually add to a shot. The light bounces off the floor and casts the shadows of the guitars across the wall. When Val Emmich walked through this hallway he gazed upon the guitars like they were works of art, appreciating each string, fret and mother of pearl inlay. You could tell he wanted to pull down each one and pluck it's strings but he held back, which intrigued me but reminded me that in the end it doesn't matter how many people have seen you on TV or in concert or read your books, we are all just people.


The backroom was filled with guitar cases and I couldn't help but wonder who they belonged to, which artist had taken one of those guitars on stage with them, where each one had been in the world, how old they were and if one of my favorite songs were ever played on their strings. This photo I turned black and white, upping the blues and yellows then I added a sepia filter after.

I feel really lucky to have been able to just shoot anywhere I wanted in the showroom. I had full access to each area, each guitar, the pianos and recording studios. My favorite thing about the music industry in Seattle is that it's not an industry, it's a passion. They don't care about the money, they have no agenda, they just want to play. It's refreshing and also very inspiring.

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