Monday, November 10, 2008

Val Emmich

Fine, I had a cold.

Recent events in my life forced me to put down the camera and deal with some pretty intense stuff. It's not over, but I was given an opportunity today to pick up my Canon and point it towards a really interesting artist, writer, actor and all around nifty guy.

miking up

After a long night of apple martini's and Once More With Feeling in Tru Motion I was awoken by a phone call from my camera man who was on his way pick me up. UGH! I told him I'd meet them there and I threw on some clothes and made it to the Gibson showroom with time to spare.

val three

Val arrived alone and wandered around the showroom for a bit checking out all the guitars. I'm not sure if it's open to the public so it was really interesting to get a tour of the place.

val four

We got him set up and he played two songs for myself and four others, which was very cool.

val five

After the performance I asked him a few questions about his music, the novel he wrote and his role as Jessie on Ugly Betty.

what's up there

It was a great interview and he was such a nice guy. I highly recommend picking up his album Little Dagger and he will be playing tonight at El Corazon so if you're in the area go check him out. I wish that I had a little extra energy today to write more but I'm low on words lately. I guess that's the nice thing about pictures, when I'm out of words they can do the talking for me.

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