Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas present to me

I was lucky enough to get a little bit cash for Christmas so the day after the holiday I purchased a nifty fifty. I was told this would be my low light friend, so I thought what a better place to test it out than a bar!

I got home yesterday for the first time since the snow started to fall. After digging my car out with the help of my landlord I called up Casey to see if he wanted to have dinner and try out my new lens. He agreed and I made the short trek up the block to Smiths.

I'll have the rose

Low light friend for sure! I forgot to sharpen up this photo, but my first lesson with this lens is while yes it's great in low light I must remember it has a very shallow depth of field at f1.8.


I really love the specials board and I was sitting at the bar right below it. I leaned up to take this shot, but I'm not exactly in love with this particular frame. However, seeing as I always second guess myself I figured I'd add it to this post.

perfect saturday night

There was a very pretty girl sitting next to us who was reading a book. Apparently her flight home had been delayed so she had to stay an extra night in the city. She got up to use the ladies and I stood up on my chair to get this shot.

just talk to her

There was a boy sitting across the bar from her who kept glancing her way. I caught him a few times in my viewfinder, but he looked away so quickly that I couldn't get a clean shot. He too was sitting alone on a Saturday night reading a book. I didn't understand why he wouldn't just get up to talk to her as he was obviously interested. Perhaps she was a fantasy that he didn't want to taint by actually talking to her and finding out she wasn't what he had imagined.

What I loved about the bar was that I could shoot freely with my SLR and they didn't question it. In fact they loved that I was exploring my new lens. I'm not exactly happy with the shots that I took, but I'm getting to know this little lens and I'm excited to see what I can do with it.

It's nice being home, but I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was in the place I had been staying for the last week. I had a panic when I couldn't figure out where I was and I actually couldn't fall back asleep! So strange. It's hard being used to something and then have it not be there anymore. I'm sure after a couple more nights I'll be back to normal.

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