Tuesday, December 09, 2008

iPhone Brings Me Snow

Sometimes I hate my phone.

I've had three.
The first had an unfortunate accident with a wall.
The second was probably sold on ebay after it was stolen from my purse.
This third I have now..the much talked about 3G...sucks.

However, if it was to break...I'd buy another one. I'm addicted to it.

One thing my iPhone does occasionally is take a screen shot, and I thought it was a random thing that my jacked up phone would do. However, it's actually a feature. I've utilized it to show you the weekend forecast for the mountains. Can a Panda handle the cold? Can a girl from LA take a hike in below freezing temps? We will see.


Anonymous said...

my phone was so cool til.....5 minutes ago. mine doesnt snow. or rain.

stacy marie said...

cell phones are a conspiracy. I say we bring back the pay phone. Communication is so over-rated.