Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Much Needed Walk

...but first, cookies!

pinky hair

I was feeling down yesterday and Panda must have been feeling it too as he suggested a much needed walk through Mercer Slough. We suited up and headed towards the park over the snowy and icy streets of Bellevue. I'm guessing they decided on the no salt rule as well, thus effectively turning the city streets into giant potholes filled with ice.

wintery goodness

No matter, we still plowed it over to the park just as the sun started it's descent into the west, casting a beautiful pink hue over the entire park. I was mesmerized and also surprised to see that my camera could capture the color I was seeing.


I'm not sure who buried this poor little unicorn, but he was too far gone by the time I reached him. I blame the leprechauns...evil drunk Irish trolls!

fall leaf in winter

I think this is my favorite of the day. I really love the fall color still hanging on even in the deep freeze of winter. I was waiting for Panda to finish hanging out with the duckies and I spotted this leaf reaching out to me.

We headed around the park in what proved to be a nice precursor to the winter hiking that is sure to come this season. It was about three miles and as out of shape as I feel I am, both of us were able to make the journey around pretty easily and I felt the better for it. Nothing like a little serotonin to bring me out of a funk.

tree shadow

As we were walking out I noticed the shadow of the trees illuminated by the street lights cast over the snow. The pink of the street lights were easily taken away by turning this shot into black and white.

They are forecasting more snow for Christmas so I'm guessing this will be staying around until at least Friday. Yay snow!

And as a second thought, I'm going to add this shot too. It's busy, but it reminds me how snowy it was out there .

bridge over snowy waters

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