Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paper Snowflakes

Are you seeing a theme this week?

My company is actually having their holiday party during the holiday season this year (typically they are held in July...we're a busy group) which is forcing me to think about decorations, presents, donations and a way to expense liquor without it saying as such on the reciept.

never the same twice

I decided to decorate the lobby in paper snowflakes. Professional? No... Fun? Hecks yeah!

never melts

Noisy little guy, isn't he? Damn high ISO...

...and to keep with the theme of the week, the latest forecast...notice that it's not the mountains! Snow in the lowlands, me thinks.

My building's property manager just dropped off 5 (oh yes, I said five) pounds (oh yes, I said pounds) of See's Chocolates at my desk.

Lord help me.

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