Monday, December 29, 2008


It's interesting what I see after I've had some sleep.

I've been looking at my photos from the last post and I'm not happy with them. I've been overprocessing the black and white and I don't like the way they I've redone a couple.

third try

I keep coming back to this shot as I love the stories that I can think up while wondering what he happened to be doing alone on a Saturday night. I've begun working with layers and since I'm so unfamiliar with them I keep forgetting to add one. I'm trying to get in the habit. I'm not sure if it will stick.

beer number two

This one is still a little white, but the yellows were so pronounced in this frame that it was hard for me to bring out the darkness of the wood grain but still keep the shadows of the beer and phone on the book. I have a soft spot for this one though.

f you makers

Casey had cut his finger earlier and had found a very vulgar band aid to cover his wound. I smiled when I saw him wrap his injured finger bound in profanity around a nice glass of Makers on the rocks.

So what do you think?


Glass Panda said...

I like the boy Re-do. It's more defined and smoother. Awesome shot, welcome to the world of "70mm" ( Crop factor)

Anonymous said...

the fuckoff makers gets me smiling.