Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jessie Baylin Interview

multi-exposure lomohulga?

12:30pm Saturday afternoon I found myself standing in the Gibson Showroom in Pioneer Square staring at one of most beautiful girls I've seen in a long time. With a hug she introduced herself and her band and proceeded to play for the 7 people in the room. She was so nervous you might have thought she was playing to a packed house.

Gibson Showroom

Playing six songs (four for "practice" as she had just started playing the guitar live) she got stronger and stronger with each note strummed.

gibson one

She really shined when she put down the guitar and grabbed the mike; at times closing her eyes to feel the music laid down by her bandmates. Playing acoustically, the sound translated completely different when I saw them live later on that night. By then all her fears were gone and she played to the sold out crowd with abandon. All around me I heard "who is she, she's so good, I love this".

jessie baylin

Check out her music on her myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jessiebaylin

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