Saturday, January 17, 2009

a silly day of shooting

The sun is out!

I woke up a bit hungover from my first night of drinking really anything in the last couple weeks. I had not wanted to drink, but our work holiday party was yesterday and honestly any excuse to drown out my co-workers singing "White Wedding" on Rock band was something I wasn't going to turn down. I had invited a few friends to see "Che", a four hour epic which turned out to be about 4 hours and 45 minutes, and after the movie they were so in need of a drink that I was dragged along. Suspiciously this turned out to be a double date, I was grateful that Casey joined our group after the movie as I'm just not ready to...well, date I guess.

seeing light

As I was saying, I woke up hungover and texted Casey to meet me for coffee. The sun was out and it enticed him to join me on a walk down to the market. I had hoped to buy some flowers but all I really found were tulips. Slim pickings this time of year.

stop innocence

There was a pro-Gaza rally going on downtown and I tried to take a few shots, but between the yelling Jesus people, the lone Jew holding an Israeli flag and a camera, and the shouting from the Palestinian protesters I couldn't concentrate. I wanted to add at least one shot to...well, I don't know why. Maybe just to appreciate free speech and our right to protest. To be clear, I don't support either side. I just would like for people everywhere to stop hurting.

the world through his eyes

The light this time of year is so interesting. I love how the sun hugs close to the horizon casting shadows over everything like a perpetual sunset. The light was hitting Casey perfectly and I really love how I can see the street through his glasses. I decided to leave in the reflection, kind of like seeing the world through his eyes.

down home burrito

My day of silly shooting was completed with a down home burrito at Bimbo's. It's nice to just shoot sometimes. Not caring about a message or a style, just having fun. Honestly that's what it's all about.

Now do the hooookey poookey! Ok, I'm delirious and need a nap.

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