Monday, January 19, 2009

taste the happy!

Oh what a weekend.

My hiatus from sobriety and my misanthropic ways, along with a brief study in human nature turned sour on Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning, grateful to be in my own bed and although I was happy that the sun was out, I also felt a general disdain for mankind. Time for a drive.

I pointed my car north this time and just drove. I landed in Marysville to stop for some gas. I almost ran over a guy in the street and when I walked in to by some water a lady came in the door yelling "long screws, I'm here for long screws". I looked at the kid behind the counter and said "This place is weird". Turns out he had just moved here from LA and he said "I've seen some strange things in my life, but nothing compares to this place".

Poo Lake looked majestically beautiful with the clear skies and crisply defined mountains reflected in it's poo surface. I decided not to go any further south and I pulled out my iPhone to look for some green spaces. I noticed Lake Stevens and thought that sounded promising, unfortunately it turned out to be a lake with houses surrounding it. I noticed signs for Granite Falls so I continued on.

ray of something

Fog was present in little patches all along the road and as I came into town I noticed a lake covered with the sun rays peaking through. I do not like a single picture I took today. I'm positive it was due to my mental state, I wasn't in it. I just needed to drive and look at something pretty. Photography took a back seat today.

I drove through the town and found the falls, which is actually a fish ladder. The water rushes below you and when you look below your feet you can see the river through the grates. It made me really dizzy, but it was a great spot. The sky was a dark blue and the green of the trees just popped. I can't wait to go back.

pink moon

I made my way towards Mt. Pilchuck and stopped at the trailhead, the road was snowed over. I walked out into the middle of the street and started slipping. I noticed the entire stretch of asphalt was ice. The fog that had lingered for most of the day had created a sheet of black ice across the road. I snapped a picture hoping to capture the conditions, and as I checked panda's site this morning I noticed his front page was exactly what I had shot. I chuckled a bit.

The setting sun cast a purple hue across the mountains and as I drove into downtown, tired from my adventure, the pollution helped to create the orangey glow of a stereotypical sunset. I noticed a great location to capture it, but as I parked someone beat me to it. I let them have it, but vowed to come back tomorrow and try it again. It probably would have turned out blurry anyway...oh I'm glad the weekend is over.

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