Saturday, January 03, 2009

To Market, To Market

I love farmer's markets.


In LA I would go every week. Santa Monica had the best on Sunday's. If you didn't make it in time, there was always the Omelet Parlor to look forward to. West Hollywood always had the stinky cheese guy, and I don't mean the cheese was the smell you would encounter when you came to his refrigerated cart. Culver City had the best potted herbs. Westwood was small, but always had tamale's with goat cheese served piping hot in a corn husk.

it's what's for dinner

When I moved to the city I dreamed of walking down the market every Sunday to buy fresh flowers and vegetables. I would cook dinner that night with the things that I had purchased and it would be just like it was in LA. I would have that familiarity that I knew I would long for. However, I'm extremely disappointed with the market here. Tourist trap, flying fish and pigs aside, the selection is very minimal. I can pick up more things at Trader Joe's or the local co-op and not have to deal with the massive amounts of people hoping to see a carp flying at their heads.

too many mushrooms

Now, if you like mushrooms you are in for a treat. There were more species of mushrooms at one stand than I had ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, I can't stand the bland little things.

In the end, I purchased 7 first of the year tulips and some asparagus which I am going to cook this evening with roasted chicken and garlic mash. Yummy.

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