Monday, February 23, 2009


There is an episode of Six Feet Under called "Ecotone". If you are a fan of this show, you know that within the first two minutes someone always dies. In this episode, a man who was hiking in the woods stopped to bend down and tie his shoe. Within moments a cougar jumps out of the woods and mauls him.

romance is grand

Ecotone, by definition, is a transition area between two adjacent ecological communities. In this episode they used the term to define the area where civilization is encroaching on nature. Track housing built into mountain sides, pushing out the native wildlife which inevitably leads to mountain lions eating your puppies.

this is it

I was thinking about the term and realized that you can vaguely apply it to many different situations. People, relationships in particular, are a great example. The blending of two lives can sometimes be seamless, however it can also create a stark line between each individual life. In these cases, the relationship hardly works.

mini gerber

I live a life in Seattle that is very different from the one I lived in LA. I live in the city, but spend my weekends lost in the mountains. I have friends that were once great loves, but now I wish to God I could see them happy with another person. Perhaps I'm stretching the idea here...but to me, the term seemed to suit me. I feel like my life is a never ending blending into another "ecosystem". I either flow perfectly into it or reject it and get mauled by a bear.

flowers are pretty

Really, all this makes sense in my head...and I guess that's all that matters! Anyway, I decided to name my photography. I'm really happy with these photos. I started thinking about the last time I did a rainy day shoot and all I did was a close up of froggy on my carpet underneath my lamp. I think I've improved a little, and I hope you enjoy this set.


one more, this time full frame, daisy.

full flower power

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