Wednesday, February 11, 2009

low tech

At work all day my mind races back and forth between websites, e-mails, voicemails; when I get home I bombard my head with more websites, photoshop, pictures, television...When I finally do sit down to read a book or even just try to fall asleep at night, my mind will not quiet.

I'm taking the advice of a good friend and going low tech during the week. My computer will stay at work, my camera will stay in it's bag and hopefully my mind will quiet just enough for me to hear my own thoughts.

I'm thinking of a trip on Saturday so I have no doubts that by Monday I'll have something pretty to show you, my dear readers.

Until then, perhaps you should try it too! As Mercury slowly eases it's way out of Retrograde, now is a time of reflection. No action is needed, just let things happen. Who knows what the quiet will bring.

head in the...

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