Thursday, February 19, 2009

not really workin' it

My bosses are out of town, the office is quiet and the roof is open. Looks like a great photo opportunity to me.

what I see

When I'm sitting at my desk all I have to do is look to my right and I see the above view. Looking towards the west, this is downtown Seattle, the Eastgate park and ride, and downtown Bellevue. It's a beautiful day today and you can see the Olympic Mountains peaking out behind it all. I've recently found a love for the peninsula and can not wait until the snow melts so I can hike Hurricane Ridge.

seattle through the trees

Again with the beauty! I was standing on the roof with one of our editors who had just come up there after smoking a cigarette downstairs. He's an angry little kid, complete with dark eye make up and an attitude of complete and utter disgust for the world. The stark contrast of the two made me actually laugh out loud, it was so ridiculous.

the other way

Not the best shot, but it's added for the people not lucky enough to come up to my office. This is looking east towards the Cascade Mountains with I-90 down below. When I first moved back I had to get out of the habit of beginning every freeway with "the" ie: The 90, The 405, The 5....a nasty habit brought back from LA. One of many, I soon learned.

the view from here

Seattle bokeh and bird it.

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