Tuesday, February 17, 2009

workin' it

My office has been already shot through the Panda's viewfinder, however I've never taken any pictures here. Except for the lunch time race in the parking lot, but that doesn't really count.

I downloaded a new application on my broken little iPhone that has given me hours of enjoyment and also saved me the trouble of purchasing a Holga and wasting my money on massive amounts of film and development. I figure my work would be a good a place as any to do some fun shooting.


This is one of the two guitars in the lobby. Our CEO regularly comes out to play on the electric, unplugged much to the happiness of our neighbors, so he can keep his calluses.

my desk

My desk is long and typically covered in massive amounts of paper stacked in neat little piles on top of each other. I rarely leave it, and when I do a cordless phone comes with me.

sex pistols

My favorite part of the whole office is our massive library. We have videos predating MTV, stacks and stacks of live performances and the jewel is the original reel of the Sex Pistols movie "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle".

my wall

There are days when I can't stand my job...but sometimes, when I have a great artist interview or my boss gives me a high five for an awesome day, or even when the sun is shining and I can look out my windows and appreciate the view of the Olympics, the Cascades, downtown Seattle and downtown Bellevue...I actually love it.

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