Wednesday, March 11, 2009

12th Ave

With my computer back after it's crash and CS4 installed, it seemed like a good time to celebrate with a photo walk. I decided to take a jaunt down the street I live on, 12th Avenue on Capitol Hill.


I'll admit, what first drew me to the idea was this tree outside my apartment. The flowers are starting to bloom telling me the start of spring is just a couple weeks away. The sky was such a stunning blue and the sun was still bright in the sky at 5:30, but it was deceptive as the temperature was a chilly 38 degrees. Factor in the wind funneling up the long streets leading down to the water and you've got the makings for some frozen fingers!

purple haze

After a quick detour to 15th to grab a free...oh I mean totally paid for coffee from Casey I walked back down towards 12th. I began to see these little flowers popping up in my neighbors yards. There were a few different colors, but I loved the purple ones.

fading away too

Since I was wandering with my 50mm on the camera (18-55 safely tucked in my pocket, just in case) I looked for bokeh opportunities. This little patch of flowers was kind enough to give me just want I was hoping for.

12th ave bike shop

Panda had brazenly broke into my neighborhood to continue his Seattle series and I was surprised not to see this bike shop included in his tour. We drove by it one time and I remember him asking if I had ever wanted to shoot it. I had, and have wanted to, but the lighting was never right. I wanted to capture the street sign shadowed against the wall. And now I have.


Soon the PI will close, and these stands will no longer hold a paper that contains one of my favorite features: Take A Hike. It's a shame, but Karen Sykes does have a website and blog, so not all is lost. Well, except a 150 year old newspaper...sigh.

pull back the curtain

I wrote a note to my friend Dane today asking for his address. He's been down on his luck and I want to send him a gift card to go buy something nice for himself. He sent it back and said "Instead, why don't you just bring it with you down to LA and move into the master bedroom we have for rent." This being my second invitation to come back down to LA in as many weeks I found it amusing. He mentioned, however, that my recent facebook status updates may have alluded to reasons for me to stay in Seattle. I said to him that regardless, my happiness is stemming from the blue sky, the snow crisp against the backlit mountains and the feel of spring in the air. I wouldn't leave this town right now for anything. I feel home, content, at peace...happy. I think he was a bit jealous.

towards the sunset

My walk ended just as the sun began to set and the orange hue made my tree take on a whole different color. I'm enjoying these last few days of winter but when March 20th ushers in the spring I'll be grateful that I've survived my first winter home and that the warm weather will be on it's way. My list of hikes is growing and I'm ready to get started!

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