Sunday, March 22, 2009

can't think of a title

deconstructed daffodil
"daffodil deconstructed" diptych

The first day of spring has come and gone, and with it's arrival brings the blooming daffodils that are covering the city. I met up with Casey on Saturday for dinner out on Phinney Ridge and when we passed Woodland Park Zoo I caught a glimpse of all their daffodils and knew I had to head back out there on Sunday.

silver springs
"silver springs" composite

I've had an interesting weekend. Friday was a lovely night, as it always is when hanging with the tall one. An evening where I finally slept was followed by a morning pilgrimage to Dim Sum, which fittingly means "touch the heart", in the International District. This being the second (food) craving the big L has given me (I count the Pho and cream puffs as one as those little fuckers would kill me if I ate them alone) it makes me giggle when he mentions that he doesn't like food. I can't wait to see what the second month brings.

"string" Forsythia at the Woodland Park Zoo

After yummy breakfast and a little fun at my front door, I headed out with Zach to my cousin Stephie's new house in Maple Valley. It's an adorable little 4 bedroom place on a golf course under some power lines. It was the first time I had seen my family since everything went down with my mom and I was bracing myself for awkward conversation, but it went well. My aunt was very supportive of me and even said that she's a regular follower of my flickr page, mentioning photos by name, which made my heart just leap. There was one moment when I was looking down at her (my family is really short) and she looked so much like my mom that tears sprang to my eyes. I had to step away for a moment so she didn't notice.

wrapped around your finger
"wrapped around your finger" Woodland Park Zoo

I made it about two hours before I knew I had to go. The strange dichotomy between my life in Seattle and this suburban existence of my family at times is too much for me. I didn't succumb to the normal temptations of liquor, I was proud of myself for that, however a decompression was needed after so Casey and I hit up El Chupacabra on Phinney Ridge and then drove around for a while listening to music. Wagner never sounded so good. A little drama came at Smiths, but I know it was just because I was still in the midst of my transition so I don't hold it against him.

comes in threes
"comes in threes" Woodland Park Zoo

Sunday had me wandering around the Zoo grounds taking pictures of daffodils. A fellow photog joined me for a while, he with his D40 and me with my little Canon. He asked me about my lens, and I mentioned that I was shooting solely with my 50mm today. He said "ah, all I have is this little thing", which is the kit lens for the D40 (an 18-55mm VR that kicks the crap out of my little 50mm) but whatever. He went after some chipmunks and I headed towards home.

a mess of flower
"a mess of flower"

On the way home I spotted two trees that I shot the hell out of. I added this last shot to show you how intense the blooms were on this tree. I look forward to playing around with the shots I got of this and the other beautiful pink cherry tree.

noisy daffodils
"noisy daffodil"

I think this is the most pictures I've ever posted. I've actually been composing this post (and editing it) for the last 3 hours. I've also been consuming a bottle of wine during that time...And now iTunes is playing Arcade Fire or, as Panda likes to call them, the guy who sings like he stubbed his toe. bah, what does a bear know.

all things go
"all things go"

I've been listening to a lot of music over the last few days. This one is named after a Sufjan Stevens song, whom (or who...whatever) I used to confuse with Yusuf Islam, who was Cat Stevens but I thought he went by Yusuf Stevens now...but he doesn't. Damn folk singers.


Panda said...

Pretty darn cool. It's neat what an f1.8 will bring to the table! (pssst.the Nikon 18-55mm is garbage so don't even feel bad.) I also like string because it reminds me of a mangelsen picture.

the limb

I've been waiting to do one like this but you know birds hate me. I also like what you've done with the daffodile. It's actually pretty cool. Simple and the quality is good. I get so lost in post production sometimes. It's nice to see a shot for what it is with little work done to it. (I like it and you know how critical I can be)

stacy marie said...

Great choices! String and Daffodil are my two favorite shots.

The daffodil had quite a bit of work done on it to give it the look that it has. Coming from someone who knows photoshop well, it's nice to know that I can still fool you :)

Panda said...