Sunday, March 15, 2009

discovery at low tide

Although the iPhone application doesn't like me, the tall one mentioned that low tide was in the afternoon this weekend. My previous attempts foiled by the setting sun, I decided a Saturday afternoon visit would be a lovely idea. However, after spending my morning entangled in his arms, I opted to spend the day in bed watching the entire season three of Buffy which is now streaming on Hulu. He spent the day destroying his liver, which is always fun. Casey dropped by to gift me with some Thin Mints that afternoon...asshole...but I ended up bailing on him and an evening of David Lynch after a sandwich left my tummy in a state of shock.

the green returns

Sunday morning brought snow early, but then a nice blue sky opened up so I pulled myself out of bed for a walk down to Discovery Park. Music dominated my morning and as I pulled into the south parking lot the lyrics of David Gray were lifting my spirits so high that when I discovered I had not put my camera in my bag all I could do was laugh. It was the polarizer that saved me. Had the sky not been so bright I would have made it all the way down to the beach before even noticing.

as big as the sea, as wide as the sky

On my way back to grab my camera I called my favorite Jen to wish her a happy last day of her 29th year. Tomorrow she turns 30 and I couldn't be more happy for her. I remember shopping with her and her sister as she looked for a cardigan to go over this beautiful dress she bought for a special date. We were wandering the mall and she saw a Forever 21 and wandered in. She thought aloud, in typical Jen fashion, "Will it still be ok for me to shop at these places when I'm over 30?". Part of me wanted to smack her because I was 30 at that point and still shopped at stores that catered to a "younger" demographic...if you will. Restraint won and I kept my mouth shut because I knew one day she would hit that mark and realize that she is older, wiser, more calm and most likely happier than she ever was in her 20's. Jen, I wish you a very happy birthday. Wish I could be there to celebrate it with you.

weather patterns

Like I mentioned before, the weather was very erratic today. Although the skies were bright blue with puffy white clouds, there was a high wind advisory in effect. With up to 50 mile an hour gusts weather patterns can move in fast. I was pretty far out on the beach when I looked behind me to see this monstrosity heading my way. I made my way back to the shore and hit the trail just in time to hide under the trees when this thing hit. It wasn't rain but hail that pelted me from the side at almost 30 miles an hour. It lasted for 5 whole minutes before completely dissipating, leaving behind only a small rainbow. If you take a look at this on black you can see the scale of it by the relative size of the people on the beach.


This shot is a little backhanded, but I wanted to show that you can use the flaws in your shot to make a beautiful picture. I actually didn't have any problems with this photo, but I added a canvas texture to it and dropped the opacity to half. The great thing about photoshop is that with a little practice you can either clean up those errors that you find in post processing, or you can exploit the hell out of them.


Before the weather hit me I caught this couple sharing a moment. Funny thing about an online journal is that people read the damn thing so although I want to share why I took this photo, too many people read this so I won't. Instead I recommend you take a look at the larger shot on black . It's worth it.

And if you want to know, just ask. I'm sure it can be beaten out of me...


Bryan Kraai said...

I always enjoy looking at you photos Stacy. Thank you for sharing your continuing adventures around the area with us all.

stacy marie said...

thank you bryan!

I hope your new apartment is treating you well :)