Friday, March 06, 2009

flowers and a lesson

There is this movie called Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston. It's a silly romantic comedy, one that I'll watch in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday when I'm home sick from work and be entertained just enough to not fall asleep. The movie tells the tale of a single 28-32ish career minded female who is trying to move up in her company. She finds the only way to be noticed by her boss is to pretend to be engaged. Of course she's in love with the bad boy in the office who, upon seeing her with another man, must have her now. Then the pretend boyfriend falls in love with her and hilarity ensues.

Ok fine, I've watched it more than once...but I digress.


On Wednesday, after a spirited text messaging battle over No Country For Old Men (which, I've come to the conclusion, utterly sucked...except for Javier Bardem. He was brilliant) I was brought flowers by my UPS guy, and I don't mean my delivery driver. I was shocked, speechless; and he got the biggest kick out of it.


Then came the strangest thing. My boss noticed them and said "I bet I know who those are from" to which I replied "Oh no you don't". And hilarity ensued...The idea that I'm hanging out with someone new gave him the impression that finally I was settled. I wasn't the girl who didn't want to commit, who might leave for LA at a moments notice. He asked me about my mom (him: "how is she, last time I heard she was missing about a week ago" "um that was about a month and a half ago, but we found her, thanks for your concern") and mentioning that I've been smiling more lately and that must be the guy who brought my smile back. I was Jennifer Aniston, just not as hot.

falling inside
Processing #1 - dark lomo

While I'm not going to say that the tall guy in brown hasn't made me smile just a little bit more, I'd like to take most of the credit. I've exercised every day for the last two months. I've drank almost a gallon of water every day, reconnected with my friends in LA and have planned two trips in the next couple of months, began the slow process of letting my mother back in my life...but honestly have just generally taken care of ME over the last couple months and it's just now starting to show in my smile. I almost resented the idea that my boss felt as though my happiness would only be realized in a man.

cross pollination
Processing #2 - cross process w/purple

I've come to accept that the older I get the more I will be forced into the conversation with people about being in a couple, settling down, having babies, getting married; all the things that you are "supposed to do" when you get to a certain point in your life. It happens more often in Seattle. In LA most of my friends are out of their 20's, and some almost into their 40's (I promise I won't ever tell!) and only one couple is married, none have children. I hope one day to prove that you don't have to follow the norm. That the happy ending doesn't always come with a ring and a wedding. Sometimes the couple end up friends who text lyrics from T-pain to each other at 2 am.

And I'll be fine with that, thank you.


Night Panda said...

Ah, defy. Nothing wrong with that. Being single at our age keeps us pretty and no trash talking about our spouses either. Seems like it's the smart thing to do these days. I'm glad to hear you are happy and moving into some new things. I feel strangly comforted knowing where you are.

stacy marie said...

never more than a text message away for the rest of our days, I'll promise you that.