Monday, March 02, 2009

Mt. Index

My weekend went as such:

Friday evening was uneventful, right Lucas?

Saturday evening was spent spurning the advances of a youngin', leading me to believe I kinda dig someone.

Sunday was spent in heaven...want to see?


I started driving early on Sunday morning. Per usual I didn't have any idea where I wanted to go so I headed north and let the mountains be my guide. I made it to Highway 2 and looked to my right. Mount Index was beckoning and I answered the call. Panda and part of team Notna had ventured out there last weekend, and upon reassurance from Panda that the roads were clear I figured my little blue could handle the drive.


I stopped in Sultan, just as the mountains came into view over the Skykomish river. I followed a road which lead to a little path to the river. I was surprised at how sandy the shores are. I'm guessing most of it was from the floods recently as the shore went for at least 1/2 a mile before reaching the river. I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings until I started hearing noises. I looked around me and realized that I had stumbled upon a homeless camp. I tried to stay calm and backed out slowly until two dogs started barking and running towards me. I booked it out of there.

mt index road

I headed towards Stevens Pass, but saw a forestry service road that was labeled "Mount Index Road". It was surprisingly well maintained and it lead me to two surprises: the view of the mountain that you see above, and the trailhead for Bridal Veil Falls which I will be heading to next weekend. I've heard reports that Lake Serene is still snowed over so that will have to wait until Spring.

mt index

I decided to drive up to Stevens Pass, or as far as the road conditions would allow me, and I'm happy to report that I made it all the way up to the pass and then some! It was spectacularly beautiful up there and I spent a good 20 minutes watching the skiers come down the mountain.

In the last week I've heard news of many people around me losing their battle with the economy. The one constant I've heard from them is that although times are hard and sometimes they feel like giving up, there is always the hope that it's going to get better...and that's what keeps them going. As I took my drive this weekend, kind of sad from all the news I've been hearing, I looked up at those amazing peaks and felt grateful for living where I do, for having the friends that I have and for the continued strength to get through the shit in life and always find the pretty.

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Panda said...

looks great up there. I told you the roads were clear. Glad you made it back of hwy 2. gets kind of sketchy doesn't it?