Friday, March 06, 2009

rafael saadiq

Tony! Toni! Toné! has done it again.

Charlie Ray Wiggins (also known as Raphael Saadiq) was performing at the Showbox at the market and we were asked to do an interview before he went on that evening. We showed up at the venue early and began setting up in the Green Room, which is the bar next to the venue. Unfortunately it began to fill up quickly with fans who were going to the show later. Fans + alcohol + the artist = trouble for an interview. Talking to the tour manager, it seemed the better place was inside the venue.

through the viewfinder

With ninja stealth we headed into the Showbox and set up at one of the bars. The band had a new bass player for the evening and Raphael decided to keep playing rehearsal until just about show time. For the interview, this was not a good thing to hear as we wouldn't have that much time with him; but for a lover of music, it was awesome because I spent an hour watching them rehearse the show.

teaching the bass

We had about 10 minutes with him, but he was very gracious and humble. After a couple quick questions, a few drops, two silly pictures and the signing of a few posters the interview was over. Overall, I think it was one of my favorite interviews. It's not that often that you get that behind the scenes, and as I walked out into the sea of fans waiting for the show I felt a little special that I got to see a side of their favorite artist that they may never experience.


Check out his music at:

Be prepared to want to make love to a brotha.

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