Monday, March 23, 2009

self portrait

I don't have much to say about this...I just wanted to post them.

simply me
"simply me"




I care little for my body she said
I couldnt care less about my soul
And as she led me upstairs in whispers
My whole summer turned cold

Ill lead you upstairs
If youve got no worries
Then Ive got no cares
Ill lead you upstairs

I told her people had been talking
About how dark she was inside
She said my hopes are buried in the soil
Deep in the earth outside
And with one twist of the world
She brought me to her side
She asked me for the truth one time
And I all I did was lie

Ill lead you upstairs

I used to fight with Bill about how I felt that lyrics were actually modern day poetry. There was this documentary on the "Live at the Point" DVD about how David Gray's music was pure poetry. I remember showing it to him, then taking him to the show at what I think was the Wiltern in LA. Bill pushed out tears when David Gray played "Shine", which is one of my favorite songs, and I remember being so mad because Bill knew that I was right. That music can be poetry and that an artist can be not only a musician but a lyricist, a composer and a window to your soul.

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