Monday, March 23, 2009


if only I could drive

Playing with a little texture today. This shot is the road down to the lighthouse at Discovery Park.

church on a hill

I wanted to capture the feel this church left with me. I don't know the story behind Discovery Park, but when I saw this structure I wanted to try an older treatment on the photo.

wrapped squared

I had processed this photo one way, and when I was looking through the thumbnails on my flickr page the original shot was showing up as a square. I cropped it up a bit and actually like this one more than the original.

blossoming process

And one last blossom photo, because I'm addicted and I love the flower bokeh.

Speaking of addiction, I bought Cadbury Cream Eggs last night...and ate them all.

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Panda said...

Hey cool.I'm glad you are working with them now and as you have found out already they can be very valuable. I love them myself and I use them all the time.

The nice thing is that you are using them properly and not just applying them. (You would have heard from me if you did.)