Wednesday, April 08, 2009

action / reaction

Since all actions create some sort of reaction I find that when I'm tired like I am now it's best just to sit still and let it pass. So I'm going to.

Actually, the title of the blog comes from a song. I couldn't think of what to name this post so I just pulled one of the first songs off the list and it's by a band called Choir of Young Believers, which is an awesome name.

I am kinda grumpy though. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm tired of being sick, or that the weather is schizophrenic but a little creeping doubt is coming into my mind. It's strange how I have to fight my own head sometimes. Like the rational Stacy fights with the stupid girl Stacy and then I'm all confused as to who I am, who I'm talking to...where am I again? Bah, I'll chalk it up to PMS.


There is a secret garden near my home. At the height of spring you can hardly walk through it as the bushes, trees, flowers and leaves are so plentiful that they block out the sun at times. As spring is just beginning I was able to walk through it and look up to see the prayer flags strung across the space.

long road
"long road"

I had planned to use this shot as part of a dyptich, but I really love the colors and the lines. I may change my title bar picture to this shot, but I'm not sure yet.

finding blue
"finding blue"

Anytime I'm out shooting and I get a call or a text from a friend asking me what I'm up to I always say I'm out "finding pretty". It was used back at me the other day, asking if I was still out finding pretty and it was about the cutest thing I'd ever heard from a man. Apologies L for saying you're cute, but damn did it make me smile.

I've been searching for a shot like the one above, a nice pastel blue sky with white blossoms and I think I finally found it. I think I may be done shooting the blossoms. The tree closest to my house is starting to wilt and I'm starting to see petals fall from the branches.

I mentioned to the tall one that I didn't remember this many cherry trees in the city before I moved to LA. He said "but they're all over", and the funny thing is that there is so much that I don't remember about this city. I think it's more that my eyes are now open to how beautiful it is here, I'm excited every time a new season turns because I want to know how the city will look. What flowers are going to bloom, when will the snow melt, how will the transition to summer be, will the sunsets look the same as in the winter? I guess I'm looking at things with a photographer's eye now...which is pretty darn cool.

Thanks P.

looking on
"looking on"

Had drinks with Casey and Justin last night. My two friends who I spent the most time with before I left, yet we hardly hang out anymore as a group. I see Casey all the time, but the three of us haven't hung out since seeing "Che" a few months before. Still, sitting there with the two of them razzing me in the silly way that they always had I was reminded of the fun we had before I moved away. I'm just a little more thick skinned now :)

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