Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i wanna go

remember when
"remember when"

I'm not saying that I'm not grateful to be living in this beautiful state or that I'm not happy with my job or my friends here...but I'm ancy. I've been stagnant for a year and I'm ready to bolt. I'm not appreciating things, the blue sky isn't sunny enough, the snow in the mountains is a hindrance instead of a beauty and every time I step out the door with my camera I just want to walk back up to my apartment and curl up in bed.

What frustrates me is the limitations of being responsible. I could just take the next weekend and go down, spend all my money and then suck it up for the next couple months....or I could wait to see everyone in August, fix my car in preparation for the upcoming hiking season and hopefully finally get a new camera. I know it's logical to stay home, but that doesn't stop the inner little girl from saying "I wanna go".


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