Saturday, April 25, 2009

lightpainting 101

What an awesome friday.

The sun was shinning and everyone was in good spirits. I headed over to the camera shop at lunch to finally purchase a set of close up filters for my 50mm. With my new contraption it's next to impossible to take a good shot without having the correct filters, so it was time. Luckily Lucas was on that route and I was able to get in a few afternoon kisses to hold me over until tomorrow evening.

I was able to get out of work early so I went home to ready my gear for the evening of shooting. I have been following a local blogger for a while and he reached out to me for an evening of lightpainting. I'd been putting it off because I'm not much of a social person and have a fear of meeting new people but he outed me on his blog so I figured it was time.

at night
"at night"

The parking lot was packed, which was strange for a Friday night at almost 10 pm. As we walked into the park we noticed why; there was a film crew shooting something for entry into SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival). There were roller derby girls, little people and the best part; they had huge spotlights lighting up the old plant. score, seriously. I am in love with the above shot.

red man with balls
"red man with balls"

We headed down to the waterfront to practice drawing. Daniel got the hang of it after only a few tries. I only wish we had more LED's, but that's on the list of things to buy and another trip out will be in the works soon.

red man over gasworks
"red man over gasworks"

From this angle you can really see the lights from the film crew. I loved stumbling upon a shoot in the city. I was so used to it in LA, all the yellow signs and huge crew trucks. I had a few other ideas for this hill, but we were both getting tired so there were only a couple more shots to be had. This one is a bit strange to me, almost like it's tilted, but I think it's just the position of the park. I tried rotating the shot, but it never really comes out uniform. I like it anyway.

ghost on a hill
"ghost on a hill"

There was a couple on the top of the hill hula hooping. They obliged us in showing off their skill while under the spotlight. That was a lot of fun, and I even got to try my hand at it, and it made for an excellent shot.

a pirate looks on
"a pirate looks on"

We ended the evening with drinks a huge pile of onion rings at Deluxe. Thanks for a great night, kid. We do this again, for sure...for sure.

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Anonymous said...

yeeah that was awesome. ive got more leds on the way.