Thursday, April 23, 2009

my contraption

With Lucas tied up in buying a house, all fun plans for a contraption to set my Duaflex in has been on hold. Today I decided that I just had to shoot with the darn thing so I took the box from a 12 pack of Fat Tire and proceeded to cut and tape my way to my very first set up.

my contraption

Armed with my new little toy I took a walk around my block which has a cornucopia of little treasures to shoot. There are two gardens, one secret and one on a corner with a little fountain and a bench to sit on. The latter is fun to walk by at night as there is always someone there watching the lit fountain and I've heard many a strange conversations, watched lovers kiss and tried not to listen to a girl crying while talking to someone on her cell phone.

what are you doing
"what are you doing?"

I chose the building across from mine for my first shot. I was just testing the contraption out to see if the light was sufficiently blocked, but shooting through a box must be very strange to look at as I got my very first "what are you doing?" while taking the above frame. I'm actually kind of excited to have people ask because it's one thing to just be out shooting but when you are doing something unique people are more inclined to come up and start a conversation with you.

yellow flower blue sky
"yellow flower blue sky"

I shall be heading up to the tulip fields on Saturday so if you're up there, keep an eye out for the girl in the loud blue car with the funny camera.

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Melissa said...

Way to 'think green.' I love it! And great pictures, as always.