Monday, April 06, 2009

searching for tulips

Excellent weekend, I must say.

Some favorite quotes and texts from the last two days:

"I know it's not like riding a bike or hitting your first grandslam on a tee ball mound! You know the meaning behind the curtain! Keep it reel! Motion picture! LOL!!....I'm wasted"

"I told you for the last time, I like the pussy!"

"I'm totally going to sing walking 'round in women's underwear at a gay bar someday"

"You've inspired me and now I'm taking pictures all artsy-fartsy"

and my favorite: "A beer in one hand, you in the other, medicine running through my veins, a belly full of dim sum, and BSG on a projector: Best Saturday Ever".

We got through season one and although I had seen it before it was nice to have a refresher and even though I knew what was going to happen I still was shocked at the season finale! The projector was awesome and after Lucas left on Saturday Casey came over and we watched Tropic Thunder. I kicked him out around 12:30 and fell asleep on the couch watching Dollhouse. The verdict is still out on how I feel about that show. They had an excellent opportunity to showcase the funny side of Joss in "Echoes" but there was just something missing. I'll keep my opinions until the season is over and the show is picked up for another.

crooked man
"crooked man"

By Sunday I was feeling a little better and decided to venture out to grab some things I had been putting off getting because I loathe the mall. As I got to the exit I found myself driving right past and knew that my calling was elsewhere, namely tulips.

for acres
"for acres"

I had been following the bloom map and although they said that the tulips hadn't started blooming yet, I wanted to see for myself. Besides, the daffodils were supposed to be out of control and boy were they ever. I stopped at one patch and as I was taking pictures a family asked me to take a shot of them with their camera. I always do two when randomly asked; one with the subject in the center and one following the rule of thirds. It made me wonder about professional photographers and what they think when someone asks them randomly to take a shot. Do they shoot a quick family in the middle type shot? Do they get technical and take a well composed photo? Do they giggle to themselves like "these people don't even know how lucky they are".

mount erie
"mount erie"

I drove around the different fields and with no tulip sightings I only had the daffodils to focus on. I love the above shot because you can see Mt. Erie in the background. The Skagit Valley is such an interesting place. Nestled between the sea and the alps of the north Cascades, the ecosystems are so different looking east to west that it's just breathtaking. With the sunny skies and a temperature around 68, Sunday was one of those days that reminded me why I love living in Washington so much.

baker over red barn
"baker over red barn"

This may be my favorite from the day. Mt. Baker was peaking through the hills at me all day and I was happy to capture it finally. I'm aching for a new camera. I see these shots in my head, I take them with my camera and see them small in the viewfinder thinking that I got photo I wanted, but then I upload them and there is always something off. Not sharp enough, no definition, I can't exactly put my finger on it but there is something missing. I know it's my camera. I see other photos taken with the exact same set up and the quality is infinitely better. It doesn't stop me from going through my normal thought process though:

1. It's my fault.
2. I don't know enough about photography to take the shot I wanted.
3. It's the camera
4. It's the lens
5. I suck
6. Oooh, that shot is nice
7. Well, if I just crop that in and add a texture
8. Damn, I'm good.
9. See, other people think I'm good!
10. Now I don't like that shot...I suck.

looking through
"looking through"

I received my Duaflex in the mail. I'm going to play with it tonight and hopefully have some decent shots to post tomorrow. Lucas and his engineering mind is working on a contraption to block out the light so for now I'll have to stick to the indoors, which means I'll have to buy flowers...darn.

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