Friday, May 01, 2009

an interesting note...

I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning and after getting ready and grabbing a yogurt and banana to start my day, I opened my door to find the following note:

After multiple "what the f" text messages to friends and a call to the two people in my life that are self-proclaimed geeks, Casey and Lucas, who's apparent knowledge of the correct equation to solve this problem left their heads the moment the class was over, I was at a loss.

An e-mail address was left on the bottom of the note so I responded with the following:

Hello my neighbor!

Thank you for thinking I can in any way shape or form answer a math question that is not 1+1 (which, btw equals two...yay me!) however I can not solve the puzzle you have placed on my door.

Perhaps you were intending it for another neighbor, or maybe you've seen me in the building and said to yourself "hey, that girl looks like a math wiz, I'll ask her!". If the latter is the case, I'm flattered. I don't even wear glasses!

However, if the former is the case then forget I said anything other than.....huh?


Stacy in #203.

An interesting start to what is sure to be a fun weekend. Dane will be in town and we plan on celebrating with the drink! Also, kisses (mmm...kisses) this evening and who knows what Sunday will bring.

Yay weekend! 

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Melissa said...

Wow. Just wow.