Tuesday, May 26, 2009

will you?

memorial day weekend
"memorial day weekend"

The tall one became the sick one this weekend so plans were slightly modified, but I still got to do most of what I had planned. Saturday morning I woke up early to reward myself for cleaning out my closet by purchasing a couple new dresses. I loathe the mall so I figured if I got there right when it opened I wouldn't have to deal with the massive amounts of teenagers that no doubt would be populating the place. I escaped mostly unscathed with my bank account just a little lighter.

The afternoon brought another opportunity to mark a Seattle event off my list. Folklife was an interesting collection of music, food, teenage girls, sun, walking, belly dancers, and more music. I met a couple of the tall one's friends who couldn't stop talking about how wonderful he is, there were almost tears even. There was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on until that moment. He's only really been in one relationship, very long term and although it ended with a bit of drama he really doesn't have the emotional baggage that most people have at his age. He surrounds himself with really strong, intelligent women and they are all very no-nonsense, which is what he expects out of a relationship. It's so f'ing refreshing to be able to say "No, I don't like that band. Change it or I may vomit on you" and not be worried of the implications of it...well, other than the knowledge that it will be played for torture at a later date. He has an uncanny knack for making me speak without worrying about the consequences of it. I love it. I'm really proud to be his girlfriend.

Sunday after a drive and a nap we went to see a film at SIFF called "Welcome". A French film about a Kurdish teenager who wants to learn to swim the English Channel in order to get to the girl he loves. I had heard about the uproar this movie made in France on NPR, the movie basically likened France's current immigration policy to he plight of Jews in Nazi-occupied France during the Second World War, so it was high on my list of movies to see. It did not disappoint; however it made me so livid that I could not stop crying when the movie abruptly ended. I wept for the close-minded people who refuse to see the refugees as actual humans with families and a heart-breaking story of struggle during a war that we forced upon them. I wept for humanity's unwillingness to accept all cultures, religions and races as one collective soul all struggling to figure out what this life actually means. Just 30 minutes ago the Supreme Court in California decided to uphold Prop 8...sometimes I wish that I was a writer, that I could eloquently say what is on my mind, that I was intelligent enough, that my vocabulary was large enough for me to really convey how frustrated and angry it makes me that Britney Spears can wander into a chapel, drunk in Vegas, and marry someone legally for 48 hours yet two people who are in love, have a long standing commitment to each other, live together and have children...but happen to be the same sex...can't.

sigh. on to happier thoughts.

The Dave Matthews Band has a new album coming out next month that, of course, has already leaked. I downloaded it and after a long night of messages on Facebook with Dane I promised to listen to it thoroughly and report back. I figured the best way for me to truly appreciate it would be to spend the day listening to the old stuff then compare / contrast it with the new. I loaded my iPod and took to the road. I headed down to Mt. St. Helens, as I had never been and I knew it would be a nice long drive. I have many photos, so I'm hoping to create a separate post. However, if I hate them all I should mention here that it was a beautiful drive, the day was perfect and it was nice to have some alone time to contemplate the lovely proposition that I agreed to earlier that morning. And yes, I did run up to tell Casey right away...because I'm a girl like that.

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