Wednesday, May 27, 2009


you and me
"you and me"

I heard word today that my willow kitty has passed away. She lived to be about 14, so she had a really good life. I wasn't able to keep her as I'm allergic, but my mother took her and treated her so amazingly well. My grandparents had her for the last few months and I've been told that she would lay on my grandma's lap every night while they watched tv. I will miss her still, my little sister, my adorable brown kitty. I dedicate this photo to you :)


Bryan Kraai said...

It is amazing how much a cat can impact our lives. I'm sorry for the loss of your dear Willow. My kitties Shadow, Max and Charlie send you all their best, as do I.

stacy marie said...

thank you bryan, shadow, max and charlie :) that means a lot to me.