Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mary Ward

Says a member of Ward's order, now known as the Congregation of Jesus and made up of 4,000 sisters, "She had a vision of the equality of men and women before God and a vision of the capacity of women to do good and to work for the kingdom of God...She had this at a time when universities were still discussing whether women had souls."

I'm always amazed at how interesting humans are. We once thought the world was flat, we once debated whether women had souls, we once thought that a white person and a black person could not marry...and one day we will have "once" thought that people of the same sex could not as well.

I'm not a proponent of organized religion, but I do love stories like this that show we are ever evolving. Seeing as the closed mindedness of radicals and supremacist (who, let's face it, are domestic terrorists) still continues to this day makes me question how much they really know about their chosen cause / god / belief / religion. It should make you, my dear reader, question your own if you are also blindly following...don't be complacent. Strive to always understand why.

Feminist Nun Promoted for Sainthood

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