Monday, June 08, 2009

mr. kool got married

The first problem with film is that after a weekend of shooting I have nothing to show for it come monday morning. I have three rolls of 120 film waiting to be developed so as soon as I do a post will be coming. My first with film, I'm scared that not a single one of them came out. I have to remind myself that even with digital I can take 100 shots and maybe only 5 will be great...we shall see.

Friday, although details are still sketchy, found me with Casey and Angel at LoFi, Neighbors and the Cha Cha. I remember last call, but after that...well, let's just say I guess I tried to sleep on a sidewalk and then fell in love with shrubbery. I awoke to twigs in my bed at noon on Saturday morning so the wedding shower for my cousin was out of the question.

I was a wreck by the time I picked up the tall one. He held me tight in the afternoon sun and I trembled in his arms, the previous nights festivities still seeping from my pores. He laughed because the last thing I said to Casey as the tall one left us the night before was "I'm not going to get home at 3 am tonight, right?"

After a quick stop at Glaziers (heaven) for film, we headed over to Mr. Kool's wedding. It was a small affair at his home, with around 80 people in attendance. It was a beautiful set up, but we were warned there were not enough chairs. The tall one and I headed over to grab a seat and noticed that along with the Chinese lanterns that were decorating the yard, there were skull and crossbones on the inside of the wedding tent which we later found out was at the insistence of the bride.

Mr. Kool was dressed in jeans and a white button up, the bride in a beautiful short strapless summer dress; both wearing his trademark Converse. It was adorable. We were all quieted and "My Girl" started playing over the speakers. An older woman with a glass of white wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other walked out of the house and into the front row and she began singing. Not meant to be part of the wedding (but was funny nonetheless) Mr. Kool looked down at her with disdain and told her to put the cigarette out...awesome.

The song started over and the bride walked down the isle. We all stood during the ceremony, which worked out well as although they were the center of attention, it made them look less on display and more like all of us were involved in this moment. The bride had the attack of the giggles but Mr. Kool was looking so intently at her that I could feel the love radiating off of him. It was really beautiful. That trend continued after the wedding. He would see her from across the room and he couldn't take his eyes off her. "Isn't my wife beautiful?" She was, she really was.

I got quite a few pictures of the wedding and was able to shoot them while they signed the marriage license. After, Mr. Kool got to spend a little time with me and the tall one, whom he promised to play dodgeball with. Before we took off, I got the approval from Mr. Kool about my boy and the tall one reciprocated once we got back to my place which made me feel great...hangover not withstanding.

A nap was a must after the wedding as we had a birthday party later that night. Three hours wrapped in his arms was amazing, but I didn't sleep a wink. 10 pm came too soon and we headed down to the Crescent (after food and a quick change at his place) to meet his friends. I was exhausted, but attempted to stay cheerful. There was karaoke to provide entertainment and I discovered that the tall one is very liked...and I mean gay men. I Hands, hands in all sorts of places. I felt the need to defend a couple times, but after that it was just funny.

His friends are great and have welcomed me into their little group, which proved to be a relief when his ex showed up. She's friends with everyone too, so I knew there were bound to be run ins, but it was nice that there wasn't a "choosing sides" kinda thing. She came up and introduced herself when she first got there and said goodbye when we left, no drama but there was some genuine curiosity and a bit of passive aggressiveness that I recognized, but it's par for the course and I was prepared for it. However, it was exhausting and I was ready to go not too much later. The best part of the evening was seeing the tall one sing along to the bad karaoke. I'm so grateful that he loves music. His tastes are so wide ranging that it puts mine to shame. It's awesome.

Sunday, after dim sum we headed over to Pacific Place to watch "Up" 3D!! Such a beautiful movie, I can't recommend it enough. We ended the weekend finishing season 2 of BSG over pizza and vodka. Hmmm...I adore him :)

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