Friday, July 31, 2009

always learning

I suppose I should explain...

I downloaded the Silver Efex plugin for photoshop and have been messing around with it over the last few days. I really liked this shot and thought it was a perfect canvas.

The first edit was a bit too dark on the vignetting, and also very grainy.

I edited it and the second shot was better, less vignetting and I removed the noise.

However, there was still something about it that was off. I reprocessed it and added a red filter, plus I cropped it as the tree was too far out of the shot and there was a bright white rock in the foreground that was distracting from the shot. is the final one. I'm not doing anymore...darnit! :) What do you think? Cute one, if you are checking this out via iphone and zooming in on it to check out every little detail, click the picture to take you to flickr then click on the picture again to get the bigger view. It's kinda pixilated on my blog, but it blows up nice in flickr.

final silver at shi shi

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Melissa said...

Desolate! Like a land out of another time. I like.