Friday, July 31, 2009

the cool air

After days of extreme heat, the marine layer has begun to work it's way into the city and for the first time in 4 days I was able to sleep with more than a light sheet over me and actually take a warm shower instead of one that was ice cold.

Wednesday night I laid on my bed, a fan blowing hot air on my face, a frozen towel draped around my neck and decided I couldn't take it anymore. I received my evening "yay! I'm coming home" text from the tall one and I told him of my plight. He suggested heading to a bar and when I found one that was cool to text him and he'll join me.

I headed out to The Saint where I heard had air conditioning and an excellent happy hour. The slightly cooler air was welcome, but it wasn't enough. I sat myself down in the lower area and ordered a yummy cucumber and gin concoction with homemade agave syrup and a plate of chicken mole tapas. The little dish was excellent, but it made me immediately bust out in a sweat and the air conditioning was very, very lacking. The waitress, although really sweet, was overwhelmed and never refilled my water. I was dying so I got my check and, on the tall one's advice, headed over to another restaurant.

Chez Gaudy is a little speakeasy type restaurant that is tucked away on Bellevue Ave and accessed down a hallway and a closed door. Only recently did they add a sandwich board outside as if you walked by the place every day you would have no idea that it was there. The moment I walked in I was greeted with two floor air conditioners and an enthusiastic server who told me I could stand in front of said A/C units for as long as I like. He sat me down next to another one on a long leather bench with pillows and I ordered another cucumber beverage and some red pepper hummus.

The tall one dropped by for some quick kisses and to point out the salt deposits on his uniform that even the big lake in Utah would be envious of and then went home to shower before joining me again for what turned out to be a three hour dinner. I didn't want to leave. The company was excellent, we chatted about silly things and important things and everything in between; the food was excellent, I highly recommend going on Wednesdays where they have a whole section of $5.50 menu items that included wasabi grilled cheese and a balsamic, strawberry and cheese dish that had the tall one interested enough by the description alone to order; the music was great, they alternated between The Wailers, Augustana, Beck, The Kinks and Kings of Leon, stopping a song sometimes mid verse if they didn't like it; and the servers were awesome, very attentive and fun. Plus...did I mention the air conditioning? Heaven.

After a quick stop to harass Casey at work, he walked me home. We contemplated bar hopping to keep cool, but in the end we just wandered in a haze up to my oven of an apartment where he left me to swelter and spend another sleepless evening. Thank dog it's cooled down now. One more week of this and I would have been a raging runt...

I'm still playing with my black and whites, which has been a blast, and I thought I'd add this cute one of Lucas and Michael.

Have a great weekend everyone.

bear hug

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