Monday, July 13, 2009

an evening with the good Reverend

The tall one has very eclectic musical tastes but I've noticed one that sticks out as a favorite, and that's rockabilly and variations there of. It's an interesting mix of old school surfer music, punk, country and rock and roll and although sometimes I enjoy it, it's not something I listen to on my own. He did create a pandora station for me so occasionally I'll pop that on when I'm cleaning but I'm quick to change it if I'm just lounging around reading.

No matter the genre there are three things that will make me interested in a band: how well they play live, how their fans react and how respected they are by their peers. I knew Reverend Horton Heat had a following, I knew their shows were pretty crazy but other than a few listens I wasn't really that impressed. But true to form, now that I've been to a show and experienced the crazy (which apparently was worse last time they were in town) and read up about them, I kinda love them.

The show was opened up by Nekromantix led by Kim Nekroman who, along with his wife also have another band called the HorrorPops that I really like. As a side note, both Nekromantix and the HorrorPops are on Hellcat Records, which is run by Tim Armstrong of Rancid who was just in town last week and a certain Henchbot got to meet a suit, no less. They played a really great show and Kim with his coffin upright base and microphone licking ways was very entertaining and stroked the crowd just enough to get them riled up for the Reverend.

When he finally took the stage with his bandmates, Jimbo and Paul, I stood mostly in awe, mouth gaping between dancing and ducking from flying cans of PBR. A mosh pit was created in the center of the crowd and security was busy pulling down crowd surfers by their feet and ejecting drunk sweaty men. I looked back at the tall one to see him dancing and singing (awesome) and said "I can't believe I'm seeing people slam dance to a song called 'Martini Time'".

It was loud, hot, and sweaty. I was exhausted by the end of it and starving. For a moment I put in a pair of earplugs and it made me feel so weirdly disconnected from everything that was going on around me that I had to take them out. The whole scene was so much of a stretch from my normal show going experience that I felt it necessary to be as engaged as I could. As is I can hardly remember most of what I saw except that I liked it.

I liked it a lot.


Melissa said...

I absolutely LOVE the Rev! Your tall one's a keeper ;) I wish I'd known you were going...woulda met you there. Though the crowd is kind of scary. I steer clear of the violent mosh pit.

stacy marie said...

yeah, he's a good kid. I'll keep him around for awhile :)